Norm Hatch
DOMP, RMT, CAT(C), B.Sc., Kin   Owner Rockhaven Massage Therapy and Osteopathy

Norm Hatch has been working in private clinical practice since 2005. His background includes degrees and diplomas in Kinesiology, Sports Injury Management and Massage Therapy. In addition, he has recently defended his thesis at the Canadian College of Osteopathy, and is now a certified Osteopathic Manual Practitioner. Through his commitment and passion for learning, Norm incorporates a unique approach to injury rehabilitation. His approach combines a variety of tools and philosophies in order to address each individual’s needs in a complete and holistic manner. Norm is a dedicated family man, recreational hockey player, business owner, and perpetual student of health care.

Specializing in:

Sports Injury Management
Injury rehabilitation


  1. Hello Norm,
    Could you please look at your schedule and see when you could see me as a follow up after having 3 sessions with Diane. I would hope that mid January would be possible.
    thank you


    1. Hi Bob
      Right now I am booking into the week of Jan. 18th. My availability is 6-10pm during the week, and some Sunday appointments. Do you have any preference? Feel free to call my cell or text me again if that is easier. 905.407.8282
      Merry Christmas!


  2. Hi Norm! I saw you years ago when you were at Circle of Light and would like to come back in for an Osteopathic treatment. You also saw my daughter at that time and helped so much with her hip issue. Thank-you!


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